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Precision Designers, Inc. has a complement of qualified sub-contractors in all trades from mechanical to masonry to millwork.  Most of these relationships extend back a decade or more.  It is the skill and dependability of these sub-contractors that enable us to accurately assess the cost and duration of a project, and to perform all our work with efficiency and competence.

DESIGN:  Precision Designers, Inc. will work with a client from the project's inception, designing structure and space, selecting materials, and deciding on details.   We guide our clients through all aspects of their job, from beginning to end.  

We draw all plans and blueprints needed for banking and appraisal purposes, for sub-contractors use and City of Austin permits and inspections. The design portion of a project is contracted for separately from the construction portion.

Precision Designers, Inc. will also build for a client from pre-existing plans.          

CONTRACT METHODS:  Precision Designers, Inc. will contract with a client either of two ways; by the bid or the cost plus method.

THE BID METHOD:  The bid method is most appropriate for new construction.  When using the bid method the client is given a detailed, fixed price, on which a contract is drawn and signed.  This bid and contract specifies all aspects of design, materials and procedures. 

The client, however, may make changes after work has begun.  These changes will result in either a credit from the original, fixed price, or an extra charge.  A separate, ongoing credits and extras contract is kept throughout the job, and reconciled upon completion.

THE COST-PLUS METHOD:  The cost-plus method is generally preferable when restoring or renovating, or when combining these with new construction. It is difficult to foresee and evaluate all of the unknown factors that accompany demolition and reconstruction.  When using the cost-plus method, the client pays the actual, wholesale cost of construction materials and labor,  plus a fixed fee for management services.  

Precision Designers, Inc. prefers to fix the fee for services at the beginning of the job rather than to charge a percentage of the cost of the job.  In this way conflicts of interest are avoided, and the client’s interest is best served.

The cost-plus method is also appropriate for contracting new construction.

REFERENCES: Precision Designers, Inc. will, upon request, provide the name and phone number of any client whose project appears on this website.

BANKING:  Precision Designers, Inc. requests that clients use Frost Bank for interim financing when interest rates and all other variables are equal.  We will introduce a new client to our personal banker.   Frost Bank can also arrange for mortgage financing.

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